Tuesday, February 22

Adams peanuts

It took the Lurker a while but we finally made it. A friend at home
has these chocolate covered peanuts sent to Mass for gifts. They're
damn good! So since we were heading this way we thought we'd hit it.
It turns out to be a small general store. A "real" general store with
all the strangeness like giant cured hams that make the store smell
like you're in a piece of bacon, a bucketful of fish and other
goodies. Also every peanut concoction you can think of including raw
peanuts to cook at home. We had to buy a bag of fresh picked cotton,
maybe for the Lurker's next hat.
We rushed to get to this place and ended up with 12 perfect minutes
because of a speed trap. I asked the guys in the store about it and
they said don't feel bad, everyone in the county has gotten a ticket
there. They made us a ham sandwich to make us feel better.
It worked!

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