Tuesday, January 18


The Lurker found Palin to be good looking but after her video and seeing her turkey neck I am not as much of a fan as I once was. However Christine O'Donnell, Now there's a woman, cute and crazy. Just awesome.

The Lurker was into his second cup of Pimms (So nice and warm, thanks Ben) and feeling good talking to Adam at a party we were having and the discussion came, of course, to the Palin Breath Video (see earlier post). The conversation went like this:
Before I start I should say I really can't remember exactly what Adam said so I will take creative license (make it up) with his part of the conversation. Anyway

  • Adam "Liked your video on Sarah's breath"
  • Lurker "Thanks. It was one of my favorites of the week."
  • Adam  "I didn't know she had asthma"
  • Lurker "ha me neither. It's funny I didn't think of her having a breathing problem. I thought she was just close."
  • Adam "ha awesome"
This is where it all went downhill
  • Lurker "I guess you could lay a monitor on the bed and pretend, maybe with a pillow or something" (fleshlight?)
  • Adam "You would need to edit in a few oh todds!"
  • Lurker "Maybe someone is doing it right now."

On retrospect it seems more tame than the Lurker remembered but here is the sketched plan for some lonely soul's evening.


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