Tuesday, December 7

What the fuck has Obama done so far?

Yes another rant. 
Read it at your peril!

OK for the billionth time I have read something where people are bitching about Obama. Stop it. You all have become the type of people I hate. You only like it either when he is doing your bidding or the popular fervor is high. I respect the man for compromise and his long game. Does he get everything that he/we want, NO but he is getting stuff done. Stop being a little bitch and asking what have you done for me lately. Not sure if you remember a little thing called health care. No one has ever been able to pass this but many have tried or wanted to. I am a big believer that if he is one term president that gets good stuff done so be it. How about supporting him because he needs it and he was your choice for president. He does not operate in a vacuum and needs others to get stuff passed. One of the best comments I read was we elected him president not Christ.
Look at all he has accomplished before you open your freakin mouth. So stop and think before you get upset that everything you want has not been accomplished.
Do not listen to the hype of the news of how disappointed we all are. It still amazes me how many people gave Bush 8 years without complaining what a shit job he did to the country.
I think what I am saying is all summed up perfectly in this website. What the fuck has Obama done so far? Click to see what he has done. 
The Lurker supports President Obama!

The Lurker


  1. I don't know if you realize this, but in a way, you're becoming the same type of people you hate. Before you think that I'm saying this to piss you off, let me be clear: I'm tired of people telling me that the President is evil just as much as I'm tired of hearing that the President is the messiah (for the record, you didn't say that, but someone I've known for years did).

    I fully understand standing up for what you believe in. Hell, I'm a soldier! If I didn't support that, I'd be a hypocrite like a lot of other soldiers I know! And, I'm not saying that you shouldn't have an opinion. But, to me, this read like, "Your wrong if you don't support Obama. Period." People have different opinions, and while the people you're complaining about are obnoxious (and wrong for trying to say supporters are ignorant), doing the same thing back isn't going to solve a thing. I don't support Obama, but I'm not going to say your opinion is less valid than mine, because it isn't.

    Feel free to tell me if I misinterpreted this post.

  2. I understand what you are saying and how you put it so civilly even if you have a different opinion and for that I thank you. I think you are right that I can be obnoxious on this point but this post isn't truly for a non supporter like yourself. I should clarify that you are carrying out his orders but you disagree and I respect that. The post was designed for supporters that were very vocal about wanting him as president and now have just fallen by the wayside. To use a sports metaphor, which I am truly not the best at, a fan of a team is very supportive when they are winning but when the team has a few bad games they ditch their support and not only that start badmouthing the team. I guess what I am saying is that I find what he has gotten done impressive but I find the people that say what has he done and say nothing. Even yourself, even if you do not support or favor him can agree he has done a lot for good or ill.
    Again I would like to say thank you for your words and the way you put it. I actually love a good discussion but really dislike a discussion where everyone just yells if you know what I mean.
    I will put my opinions out there as usual along with the wasting of time stuff and please correct me when you think I have gone overboard. I am very quick to get angry and this is a nice outlet.
    The Lurker.