Friday, December 3

Time for certain faiths to suck it up already

The Lurker just realized I have this video tape sitting on the shelf. I picked it up at a yard sale and just, well, forgot about it. I love these ideas that Christians are the ones persecuted. Maybe it happens in places outside the US but give me a god damn break. Everywhere you go Jesus and the religion he represents is everywhere. Sorry for the rant but the moment your people are crowded into a building that is then set on fire give me a call. You are not the underdog so SHUT UP and get on with your day. Just because other people, read atheist, Muslims, Jews..., are no longer forced to read, pray believe your brand of religion does not mean you are under attack. It just means others want a bit, just a bit, of representation for once. Removing religion from the schools or off public property is not destroying your faith. Jesus never said be a militant whiny bitch so knock it off. 

OK I feel better now that I got that out. Ah public therapy is lovely.

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