Thursday, December 23

Rare Exports, A Christmas Tale

You want a Christmas tale that is not sugary sweet or predictable? The the Lurker has a treat for you. Go to your computer right now. Right, right, you are reading this on the computer. Anyway look up Rare Exports and see if there is a local theater near you that is playing it then rush to it and get your popcorn ready for a wonderful movie. The Lurker really wants to tell you more but he shouldn't. I can say maybe don't bring the young kids. You will find this, not at the big theaters, but the local small venues that play the more art house movies. They're usually cooler anyway.
You don't trust the Lurker after all time we've spent together? Alright here is a link to the trailer. Ugh you can be such a bitch. Well whatever you do don't tell anyone you're going with what the movie is about. Just tell them its a Christmas movie and leave it at that.
Also I should say the trailer is wholly misleading. I forgot to mention it is in Finish so if you are illiterate don't go, but then again if you're illiterate how are you reading this?
Just go and see it. Trust the Lurker my dear Lurkerites.
Let me know how you like it.

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