Thursday, November 4

Wow what a douche

Woman demands sexual favors from husband and his friend at knife point
Fairplain, W.Va. —

An unwanted sexual advance landed a Ripley woman in jail after she allegedly brandished a knife to get her “request” met.

Jackson County Sheriff’s Deputy R. Mellinger responded to a possible domestic dispute at the I-77 Motor Inn near Fairplain last Friday. Upon arriving, Mellinger met Danny R. William, James A. Watson and Melissa L. Williams; Danny and Melissa are estranged spouses who live four doors down from each other within the I-77 Motor Inn.

Mellinger stated he observed Melissa to be naked from the waist down, sitting in a living room chair, inside Danny’s apartment.
According to the complaint, Danny and Watson told Mellinger that Melissa came to the apartment intoxicated, asked each of them to perform a sexual act on her and took off her pants and underwear, which Mellinger observed lying on the floor at her feet.

Danny stated that he declined the invitation, however, Watson agreed he would perform at her request. The complaint states that as Watson approached Melissa, he became overwhelmed by horrible vaginal odor and declined to precede any further.

It was at this point Melissa allegedly produced a lock-back folding knife, pointed it at Danny and stated, “somebody is going to [perform a sexual act on me] or I’m going to cut your [expletive] throat.”

According to Mellinger, there was a small black handled lock-back knife lying on the coffee table in front of Melissa but when asked about the knife she stated “It was already here”; he also stated that all subjects appeared to be intoxicated and smelled badly of an alcoholic beverage.

Melissa Williams, 42, of Ripley was charged with domestic assault and brandishing; her bond was set at $3,000

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