Wednesday, October 20

I call shenanigans

The Lurker has friends, I know you are surprised but yes, that say to throw everyone in politics out but this is so damn moronic I can't even believe it. If you don't like something get involved. When there is a problem you don't just give up with complete ambivalence and say get rid of it all. NO you say hey there is some bad stuff but let's isolate that and fix it.
I am sorry for getting all serious and political for a moment but people who say that someone like Obama isn't doing enough or is doing a crappy job is just listening to Fox news and listening to the endless easy news. You know the stuff where it is easier to complain than explain a hard issues and what is working and not.
Seriously if you want to know what he has done check on these two site. I may not agree with all his decisions but he has done more than many recent presidents for making this country and the planet better.
Politifact's list and the Facebook page showing a simple list.
Stop being a bitch and do some reading........AND GET OFF MY DAMN LAWN!!!! 

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