Tuesday, September 14

This saddens The Lurker

As a person who walks (lurks) and looks in every gutter and crevice as he goes down a street, pausing to figure out what a bit of trash or unusual item he spies is, this saddened me. I found everything from a 100 dollar bill to a bag of pot. I am always looking for the strange, hence this blog.
So why does this video make me sad. Well it is about people and how they are numb to difference and the awesomeness of the planet.
I assure you if the Lurker had been there he would have seen it and grabbed one.

1 comment:

  1. The people not noticing the tree is sad. The artist seems to suggest that the people that look at the tree and don't take the money don't "see" the tree. If you can look at a tree hung with money with invitations to take it and think to yourself "I'll pass; let the next guy have it" your a bigger man than I am.

    Me depending on the day I might pass it for someone that might need it more or I might strip the tree bare and skip down the street giggling manically.