Thursday, September 2

An open letter to Mac OS Ken

Dear Ken, Mr. Ken, or can I call you OS?
    Anyway, for years I have listened to your show and you are part of my morning routine just as much as the coffee I dribble down my shirt. I love the show and look forward to it everyday for all my Mac news. As much as I enjoy the show I do have a bone of contention. Everyday I put my iPhone in the cradle in my car and head of to the mines (read that as my teaching job) and everyday your picture sits there looking as bored as a cat watching dust-motes. Please for my sake, your listeners sake, and America's sake put up a new picture. How about a smile or a devious grin? Hell I would even take a malicious frown but not boredom. Yes I know I can turn the screen off or hell I could treat you like a parakeet that I want to go to sleep and put a dark sheet over your pic but I like seeing all the info of what you are going to cover. So how about it? What do you say?
Please keep rockin the podcast.

A fan of the show

The Internet Lurker


  1. Yeah he should put up a new picture but you should too. Your picture is also very old.

  2. True but then again I don't look bored

  3. No, not at all. Very surprised!