Friday, September 10

I read the title of this article and peed a little

Judges uphold house arrest for Internet lurker

 Ontario’s highest court has upheld a year-long house arrest of a Londoner caught trying to lure a young girl into sex through online chatting.
But while Samir El-Jamel’s sentence wasn’t changed, one judge on the three-judge panel hearing the appeal disagreed.
El-Jamel was sentenced Sept. 29, 2009 to a mandatory minimum 45 days in jail for possession of child pornography found on his computer and a 12-month conditional sentence for Internet child luring.
In a decision released this week, the Ontario Court of Appeal declined the Crown’s appeal to increase the sentence to 18 months in jail and overturn a decision by Ontario Court Justice Eleanor Schnall.
El-Jamel, who had no prior criminal record, had pleaded guilty to the charges on the day his preliminary hearing was about to start.
Over three days, El-Jamel, 24 at the time of his sentencing, chatted online with a London police officer he thought was a 12-year-old girl named Natasha. El-Jamel claimed to be 17.
The chats became more sexually charged as they went on and he performed a sex act in front of a video camera during one of the computer conversations.
El-Jamel was arrested as he approached a set place he went to meet Natasha and her 13-year-old girlfriend before they were to go to Natasha’s house. He had pre-arranged to have a three-way sexual encounter with them.
El-Jamel, who is married and had a child, came from a strict upbringing and had been sexually victimized when he was younger.

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