Friday, July 16

Old Spice may just have the best promotion ever

Below is the note the Old Spice Guy left on Reddit. Also here is the video the Lurker found the most funny.
And if you want a message generated by this guy click here.

Dear friends,
It's me... the man your man could smell like. For one day only, I'll be fielding questions, comments and anything else you can think of. Post your questions, comments or whatever else you'd like to see on the interwebs here or send them to @OldSpice on Twitter and I'll respond to the comments that get the most up votes with a YouTube video. Then, look for my incredibly manly and witty and amazing responses on
Sincerestly, The Old Spice Man
For Squidboots:
For chmown:
For porknog:
For desimusxvii:
For robotjox:
For losimagic:
For ojai:
For idgit:

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