Thursday, July 15

Like having a conversation with a dining room table 2

By now you have realized that the Lurker lives in Massachusetts and while going to one of the many summer festivals there was a card table that had Obama hitlerized (new word!) and they had a vote for Rachel Brown poster. Mrs. Lurker attempted to shut them down with the vicious weapon known as silly string. Yes we bring the big guns out when we get mad. Upon getting home Mrs. Lurker went to this woman's site. She is the Democratic opponent to Barney Frank. Yes that Barney Frank. As an aside, I back Frank wholeheartedly. Now back to this woman. Do you remember last summer when that woman started asking why Frank supported Nazi healthcare? Well it turns out it is the same woman. Yeesh!!!! 
The other wonderful fact gleaned from her site is the way that she would revitalize jobs. 

I know what to do, and I’m committed to fight to save people’s lives, by stopping the Wall St. bailout, and rebuilding our economy with a future-oriented Mars colonization program,.....
Rachel Brown

The Lurker had no idea we were under way with the colonization program. She clearly is a better candidate. I mean Frank never even mentions the moon never-mind Mars. He only talks about this planet. 

Don't get me wrong I would like to get to Mars more than most but seriously that is her plan? 
Lastly her big backer is Lyndon LaRouche. Well I guess I am done with this info but I will leave you with the video that started her on this awesome path to the stars and beyond.

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