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I guess everyones got their thing but ewwwww

Picking it on the L - w4m - 22 (Union Square)
Date: 2010-07-03, 12:07AM EDT
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I saw you today (Friday) on the L. It was about 5:30 PM or so. You're about 30 or 35, white, around 5'10" or so, with dark, curly hair. You were wearing a greyish, casual shirt.

I'm the tiny Asian girl you kept sneaking a peak at. I could tell by the direction of your glances that you liked my chest and my bottom, and I know you found me attractive.

I pretended not to notice your interest in me. After a while, the train got more crowded and you receded into the corner of the car. With all the people, you couldn't see me any more, but I could see you in the reflection of the window of the car. You looked away from everyone and started picking your nose.

I have a fetish for that. I squeezed through the crowd of people to try to get nearer to you. Just as I got close, you slipped a booger into your mouth, and then our eyes happened to meet.

You were clearly mortified, and you looked away. I tried to push past a large man to get even closer to you, but then, the train stopped and the door opened, and you bolted out. I have a feeling that you were not planning to get off at Union Square, but that you just had to escape from the embarrassment.

I wanted to chase after you, but I suddenly felt unsure and I hesitated, and then the door closed and the train departed. Now I regret my inaction.

I'm telling you all this because I want you to know that the girl whose body you were ogling today really does have this nose-picking fetish, and I want you to realize that I really did want to make a move on you once I saw you with your finger in your nose. I'm fantasizing about sitting on your lap, facing you, and taking off my top for you while I gently play with the inside of your nose with my fingers and tongue. I'll eat your boogers in front of you, and you'll experience first-hand how excited it makes me.

If you're interested (and I hope you are!), email me and describe my blouse and shorts in detail (color, style, what was showing). I know you noticed my clothes and body, and this will let me know that the person writing is really you.

I don't have high hopes about this working. Most people are put off by my fetish, and you very well might be, also. Plus, it's not very likely that you will even read this ad.

But I have to try. I really don't have anything to lose by posting this in this anonymous forum, and I have a lot to gain if I can get together with you. We *both* have a lot to gain.

Write me. Please.

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