Tuesday, June 1

A thank you to Mr. Coleman

At first when I heard Gary Coleman died I was more concerned about the death pool than anything else. Also I have to admit that over the years he had become a punchline or just a funny cameo. However the more I thought of him the more the Lurker realized that I just happened to catch his show at the right age. I, if you forgive the pun, looked up to him. He was the best thing I had ever seen. I loved the sarcasm and the one liners that would become his catch phrases. Later I would realize it was a decent sitcom for the time but there was much better comedy to be had but that does not diminish the show in my eyes. So often media, books, TV, ect..., is all about when you see it. Timing is everything. 
So I would like to express genuine sadness that he is gone. I thank him for his part in leading me down the comedy path. 
For the video The lurker chose his cartoon that now almost seems ironic.

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