Friday, April 9

A favor to ask.

Hey Lurkerites,
The Lurker's dream for this blog is that it is everywhere and people are participating left and right. The Lurker wants to be your Friday night. A sad Friday night but a Friday night nonetheless.Do me two favors.
  1. If you like the blog tell everyone they have to go to it otherwise you will come after them with vengeful grimaces. No not the kind from McDonalds. Write the address on restaurant tables with ketchup. Tattoo it on friends backs or enemies backs for that matter. Get the word out. 
  2. Comment on this or other posts to let me know if you want more of the same or less of some stuff. It helps to let me know what is actually enjoyed. Also thanks to all those who have left comments before. They were read, printed out and put under my pillow to comfort the Lurker at night. 
Hopefully this doesn't come off to whiney but I really would like this to be good. 

With much appreciation lurking in my heart,

The Lurker


  1. How can you call yourself a lurker but demand that other lurkers come out and comment?!

  2. Even as the Lurker I still comment but under my assumed and earned lurking name.

    One other thing, Just because I call myself a lurker does not mean I am not hypocritical

  3. Just joking with you. I dig the blog and I'll comment more. Maybe you could do some videos of your own. The cats with lightsabres thing was cool. I also liked the brush fire pictures.

    Check out this video about people who look a certain way but don't define themselves by how they look.

  4. I chucked a link on my facebook page to spread the lurker word. Keep up your fine work. Cheers Mike