Wednesday, April 28

Eighties day cuz I said so

Dear Lurkerites,
Today is eighties day. The main reason is that the Lurker heard Hungry Like the Wolf come up on shuffle and so I proclaim, with my powers as the Internet Lurker, today is eighties day. Grab your short shorts and long ass striped socks and get out there. Maybe a sweat band or two would help as well.

Your Rad friend,
The Internet Lurker

To begin I give you a horrendous video. Don't give too soon. Trust the Lurker. Has he ever steered you wrong?

Next on day is a guy from the Eastenders. He looks like a very young Jay Leno.

Here is a site talking about the worst fashion trends of the eighties. I believe they missed the ultimate worst. Do you remember the clothes that changed color depending on your heat? Hypercolor I think the name was. If you don't know why this would be bad just think of the parts of a hormonal teenager that would heat up first. Yes pants were a brilliant idea!! Truthfully the trend took over more in the very early nineties but they were first released in 1988.

The Lurker could go on and on about the worst and best decade but I only have so much time so to end this I give you a classic commercial.

Leave some of your worst 80 memories in the comment section or on Facebook.

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