Wednesday, April 7

Are you really that much of douche

Here is an addition to the story about the Lesbian girl who just wanted to go to the prom with her date but the school decided to not hold the prom because I guess she would infect them all. The second part of the story is that the ACLU helped her to force the school to not be bigoted and would either hold the prom or parents would have one for the students. The parents did just that but they held two proms. One for the "regular" kids and one for the lesbian student and the SPED kids. Now the lurker does not have anything against the kids of the school because most  kids in high school are pricks but the freakin parents. Wow way to go parents for setting an example for your kids to follow. If you don't agree with a philosophy of someone's just treat them like shit and that's OK. The Lurker bets they went to church that Sunday and said nope I did no sins. 

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