Friday, March 5

Unarius Academy of Science

Today I give you a gift. When the Lurker was on vacation we stopped of at the Unarius Academy of Science. We look for this sort of thing all the time. Now I know I had mentioned this before but the video and pictures I give you today are the ultimate awesomeness. Take some time this weekend and watch the psychodrama play out. Truly it has all the greatness of bad sci-fi from the seventies. Trust the Lurker on this. Enjoy.
Oh yes all the pictures are from the inside of the Academy. The one of the woman is one of their founders in all her glory. The one with the flamingos is from the inside of their sanctuary. It was painted by the reincarnated DaVinci. Yep....Yep....uh..huh

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  1. I thought I was the only one who knew about the Unarians! : )