Tuesday, March 23

This seems legit

Need 2 premoters, 2 cooks, 1 doctor and 4 strong men: Exp. Spacecraft
Date: 2009-10-22, 4:22PM EDT

I am in the final stages of completing an experimental space craft. This ship is a top secret project that has been worked on since the 1890s, passed on from generation to generation and will be a major turning point in the world's history.

I am in no position at all to discuss the technology behind this craft because the technology is HIGHLY classified and we can't afford to have any military or government officials find out.

We will be conducting our first test flight this December. We will be conducting a multitude of tests at various altitudes. The first test will be a few hundred feet, few thousand feet than sub atmosphere level. The final test will be conducted on March 25th, between Montreal and Mars. The trip will take about 2 hours there and back.

The technology we use to hide the ship is advanced stealth technology.


We need the following crew members to help us in the preliminary tests of the craft.

- 2 promoters. You will be needed to promote the ship
- 1 doctor. We have our own doctor on the team but we need 1 more.
- 2 cooks. We need cooks for the test flights.
- 4 strong men. General laborers to help in the cargo bay.


All interested candidates will have to go through a very complex process. You will be sworn to secrecy and live in our compound until the ship is revealed in March 2010 on Mount Royal.

Please apply now!

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