Tuesday, March 2

See what Palin has done

I need a great actor (to act retarded) (Scottsdale)

So I was at a bar with a few friends and a bunch of their friends whom I did not know. We were talking about this whole Palin/Downs syndrome thing and I may have made some off color comments, which I really do regret wholeheartedly. When one of my friends' friends called me out on said off color remarks- I froze up. They started to tear into me (rightfully so), and I did the only thing I could think of- claim to have a retarded sister. I know this is painfully shameful, but I need someone to act retarded for one night. Not like 'I was so drunk I was retarded' retarded, but like 'I am actually retarded' retarded. I'll of course pay you, and match your salary with a donation to some special charity or something. Just one night - $150.

If I hire you, just one request. Don't look me in the eye, I just can't take it at this point. Also you have to be really into giraffes because I said something about that too. I don't know, I just couldn't shut up.


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