Friday, January 29

you people are so lazy

Last night I sat and had a drink at the bar. While there I saw a commercial from Catholics come home site and was stunned. I tried to find the exact commercial but alas it was not to be. However I did find another that is equally good. 
Apparently when you die you get to watch movies. This is going to be sweeeet. The Lurker loves movies. In the video they tell that you will be judged by the bad things you've done and the good things. You get to see it all. (insert typical porn music here) I watched the whole thing and came away with one basic idea. If you are a deusch your entire life and then accept a zombie that was nailed to wood you will be forgiven. Now they don't seem to mention apologizing or making amends to the people they wronged but i am sure god will sort that out later. At least the Latter day saints had kids making pizzas for old lonely women.

Here is the video. Man I can't wait to watch my movie. I hope they have good sound and popcorn. I mean movie popcorn. Not just something you make in the nuker. Of course this all seems to take place in a wharehouse. Huh!? You would think god could get some nice seats. Oh well. 

Shit! I just realized it will be hours and hours of me just lurking through the internet. 

Might as well give you one more from people who believe strange things. The website from the Heaven's Gate cult. Yes the ones that all took their lives still lives on. It is a memorial to that era of the web. Give it a click. It is like the old abandon house at the end of the block that people do not walk in front of.

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