Wednesday, January 20

Why are the dead so hungry?

In the last couple of months the list of people who made major contributions to food have passed on to the great cafeteria in the sky. Why now? I sense conspiracy.
  • Taco Bell creator who is actually named bell.
  • The creator of the Quarter Pounder and Fillet o Fish
  • The Spaghetti O's inventor
  • The cup of noodles inventor
  • The creator of Oscar Meyer wiener
  • The guy who started Ben's Chili Bowl in Washington.
  • Founder of Goya foods
  • The person who came up with putting heads on Pez. I know but it is food related and made them taste sweeter when they popped out of spider-man's trachea

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  1. You have, hands down, the best pictures on your blog I have ever seen.