Friday, January 8

What is a CL man?

No seriously I have no idea.What does CL stand for?
This was under Women Seeking Men. Does seem quite promising for some Lurkerite. 

Hi all you hot cl men. If you clicked on this posting you're probably bored and in need of some well deserved excitement in your life. Why not consider me, your very own stalker victim, to harass me every waking hour and put that missing element of unpredictability back into my routine. Please be loyal, earnest, resourceful, and according to your PO officer basically harmless. Prefer at least 6' tall when not crouched behind bushes, have a normal inconspicuous build, and a sweet easy-going slightly scary quiet way about you that's really very charming after the first couple breakins.

of course your victim is sexy, fun and single

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