Thursday, January 28


This morning I sat reading the rest of a book I have to do a lecture on this Saturday. As I sat engrossed in the book, in a coffee shop, I just happen to see this guy come plodding by the window. The Lurker leapt to his feet to grab a photo for the Lurkerites. The photo is of a man in skintight leotards with cross country ski poles walking down the sidewalk. Oh yes one tiny detail, two actually. He has two tires, no rims, tied to him. The rope went around his back and the tires just dragged on down the street behind him. 
The longer the Lurker lives the stranger he finds life. Or maybe it is life that is normal but he is just seeing strange visions. 

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  1. I saw this guy on my way to work! and then proceded to do a google search to make sure he wasnt some psuedo-famous person making some kind of inspirational cross-country journey, guess he's just a crazy. and happy to find your picture, he's immortalized!