Thursday, December 3

You have the dumb

Why is the Lurker just discovering that there are a group of lunatics who think Obama will be moving the date of Christmas. Are you that dumb? Have you been eating the lead paint chips on the window sill because Santa left those for you? Here is a Facebook Fan page for these Morons. Also they have the Flintstones tag line (again!) 1 million strong and growing. You can only invoke that when you actually have 1 million you freakin twats. They have around 3000 which is scary in itself. ...sigh....

The Lurker is so very tired of this sort of thing. Someone comes up with an idea and people believe it and they read it on multiple blogs so it must be true. I get emails all the time from people who should know better telling me whatever email that appeared in their box is true and sending it to me for my protection without checking it out. 

The Lurker is going to start a rumor now.  hmmmmm....let me see....Ah yes President Obama is actually white. Not half white but full 100% god fearin American white. Yes, yes and he tans heavily....and he would never move Christmas because he is Santa.
Got it! Obama is Santa
It's on a blog and now you have read it and must believe it to be true. 
Fly my pretties and tell others of the terrific news.
The Lurker wins

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