Friday, December 4

Worth $15 just for the laugh

Read the full description and click the link to see close-ups of the artwork. Do it quick before it disappears.

Beautiful Baby Painting! - $15 (Edmond)
EDIT: Some people have been asking, and I thought it was clear, but I did NOT paint this. I am merely trying to perpetuate the work of the wonderful artist known as Kenneth Little. Thanks!

Here we have a wonderful picture of DeMarcus, as painted by the renowned Kenneth Little. Little employed the ever-popular medium of oil paints to accomplish this magnificent work - just look at that face! I'm not sure if you noticed, but DeMarcus is a gifted child, having been born blessed with the left hand of a human, and the right mandible of a three-toed sloth. Also, there's a staple by the HAND-PAINTED signature, and that's gotta' be worth something, right?

Now, a caveat: the top left (DeMarcus' right,) of the canvas has warped a little with age, and is bowing ever-so-slightly backwards, but I'm certain that it can be worked out with a hefty stack of books or something of equal mass.

Drop by or feel free to call me at (405)420-7569, or even e-mail me at if you're interested, or would like more information. I'll even throw in a hi-five! Fuck yes!

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