Friday, December 11

Jews are a bunch of slackers this year

Every year the Lurker tries to show off some new Hanukkah videos for your viewing pleasure. Last year there was a ton of new stuff. Jews my age finally couldn't take it. We listen to every new song that is made about the holidays and it is almost entirely about Xmas. So there seemed t be mass production of new music and videos. This year search after searh only returs Sen. Orin Hatch's Hanukkah song. So to get this straight. A Mormon wrote this years biggest new song for us and what did we do? Oh I know play our anthem, aka Adam Sandler's song. Come on guys get on the schtick. We as a people wrote almost every memorable Christmas song out there. All the classics were written by Jews. OK The Lurker understand that there seems to be so much more to write about when it comes to Christmas from a big guy in a red suit to chopping down of live plants. We have some candles and potato pancakes. All I am saying is that I am not musically inclined and I need something better than " I made it out of clay."
I hope you are feeling the gelt. Or should I have said gelty? 
See what I did there?
Screw it Happy Hanukkah. Here unwrap your socks and let's get over to that Christians house and marvel at there laser light show outside. 
Fine. Normally I would save this for Christmas itself but it is the best video I found so far.

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