Monday, December 14

I'm from the Internet

Mrs. Lurker is my Watson. What I mean by that statement is that she is on the lookout for something to waste your time. She saw this and shoved it under my nose. I frankly was not awake enough to understand the implications of this scrap of newspaper. Apparently there are branches of local Internets all over the world. Also this man is from the Internet. I really wonder if he is real or just and AI.  The Lurker was very very tempted to email and tell him that we are moving and ask him how we go about changing to a new Internet branch. 
Go ahead and friend him or better yet become a fan of the Lurker. 
Gosh I do want to be friends with him!!!!


  1. Gosh oh golly, thanks for bringing this to the world's attention. Yes, I did ask the Daily What to take it down, but it was too late, now it's viral. I guess I'll try to ride the wave and not drown under it.
    Thanks again.

  2. Jimblo, was this a joke ad, or were you intentionally preying on the uninformed?

    Did someone else put this up for you?

    Either way, it's still funny, but in a Master the Internet / Rusty sort of way.


  3. Why, butter my butt and call me a biscuit! I reckon this is one of the finest websites I ever did see.