Tuesday, December 8

I renounce my race

Every time I watch TV or listen to the radio or frankly interact with this planet and its people I am disheartened. I would love to say we are getting dumber but i fear we have always been this way. The divisions are pissing me off as well. They do not fit. I mean divisions of race, religion, political views and everything else that gets in our way. However I have decided we need one more division. One that truly make sense. No more of these meaningless divisions because of happenstance or birth. I want one based on thought. Now before you get riled up this is not an IQ thing. The Lurker does not believe in those tests measuring it accurately and besides that is not what I am looking for. I want a division of those who think. This means before a person opens their mouth to react to something they just heard they put a bit of thought behind it. We have brain functions that are capable of so much more. Instead we are left with acting on the first emotional response we have like that of our lesser evolved ancestors. So here is my plan. We create a new race based on the idea of thought. Any one can be part of it. All it requires is that you do something that seems to becoming rarer and that is to put reason and thought together. We will call ourselves the sententia. This is the Latin word for thought. It seems fitting. I am not sure exactly what this new race will do but I am sick of being lumped together with ill thinking or null individuals. The video below is to my point. I know this is exactly the division I am talking about but I do not care if you would vote for Palin as long as you have a well thought out reason for it and not just a bunch of slogans. This is also not supposed to be an elitist race of people. You do not need to be smart to be part of this. Just think. It will be stated as a matter of fact. As an example I will not back a political person until I have done a lot of reading. I need to actually understand what I am voting for and who I am putting in power. The people below favor the person but do not have the faintest of clues why they would support her. 
May the Sententia be composed of every race, religion and credo as long as they are well thought out. From here on out the Lurker will mark other and put Sententia as his race. 

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