Wednesday, December 23

C'mon now, we're bored over here!

Craigslist never fails to make the Lurker laugh. Click the link for a very fuzzy NSFW pic. 

to the couple(s) getting frisky in front of the window at the Sterling - m4w - 99 (19th and JFK)
That was really entertaining, especially when you spooged all over her face... then you gave us an encore but waved and pulled the blinds down. C'mon now, we're bored over here!

Then there was that couple a few floors down. Brunette taking it from behind right in front of the window... next time take your top off!!!

I don't know, guess tis' the season... so why don't all you frisky couples at the sterling spread some holiday cheer and fool around some more next week. I'll bring in some cheesy soundtrack music next week just in case. Don't disappoint now! ;)

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