Thursday, December 10

Climategate? shut up!

First stop calling it a gate you goddamn morons. Second it is a non issue. People have been cherry picking sentences out of the emails to make it seem like they are cheating the data. Recently the Lurker was saddened to see eve the great Jon Stewart on the wrong side of this debate by just following in the main stream media's shoes on this one and not digging deeper. Even though it is a fake news show they are known for better reporting than most. However Mr Stewart won my respect back with this nice little bit about fox fudging the data on a story fudging the data.
Here is the link for the Daily Show. The embed tag wasn't working.

Also here is an explainer on what the climate emails actually said. It is fairly quick and very enlightening.

If someone today tells you Global Warming is a myth burn them with an iron.
The Lurker is tired of this crap.

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