Friday, December 18

A bit of a wrap up

Since the Lurker posted the Jim Donnelly ad from the newspaper a few little extras have sprung up. First The Daily What picked it up and people enjoyed the heck out of it. It started to spread out to other sites. Then Donnelly contacted the good people at the TDW and they obliged by taking it down. Side not here, I asked what happened and they responded with a very funny email. Go to their site if you haven't been. Anyway I got an email from a long time listener, OK fine it was a friend, anyway Nicole emailed the Lurker and told me that it was on Buzzfeed. I put a comment on the site and got a gold star. I guess that's good. Then wonders of wonders Mr. I am the Internet himself left a comment on the site. I will leave it at the bottom for you to read. Oh ya on Buzzfeed there are many new inventive remakes of the ad. Some are very funny. Anyway head over there to see it. Finally I back tracked back to Donnelly's page and watched his video. Definitely worth a few minutes. Especially the very last second where he tells you to call him with a hand signal. The Lurker is enjoying watching this run around. The internets, even the New Bedford branch, are a lot of fun. 
Below are all the goodies I promised. 

The Lurker
P.S. This is for Mr. Donnelly. The Lurker is a rotten speller and an awful grammarian but if I could point out one correction. You want to fix on your site the word YoutTube. I did have a lot of fun last night thinking of My Cousin Vinny's pronunciation of it. The Lurker may just steal it and " Hey you guys been watchin' the yout-ube?"

P.P.S The Lurker should say that he means no harm to Mr. Donnelly but his ad was a bit over the top. 

Gosh oh golly, thanks for bringing this to the world's attention. Yes, I did ask the Daily What to take it down, but it was too late, now it's viral. I guess I'll try to ride the wave and not drown under it.
Thanks again

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  1. "People that aren't that good at computers - like YouTube..."

    His sentence structure is awesome and terrifying.