Monday, November 2

Things the Lurker has learned

The Halloween Party was a great success. Everyone who came put a lot of time and thought into their costumes. I will put a few pics up in a day or two. I would like to thank the blog Food in my Beard for the wonderful recipe for italian hoagie dip. Holy crap it is good. I had it this morning for breakfast.

After this Halloween I feel I should tell my future self a few things in case he/I forget.
  1. For a costume it may not be wise to grease your hair-back
  2. Do not ask the help at a store what do old men buy? It is creepy!
  3. To grease your hair-back you need pomade and a comb
  4. Pomade is located in the ethnic part of the hair care aisle
  5. there is an ethnic part of the hair care aisle in every store. Seriously I had no idea
  6. do not use pomade because it does not come out and is made of some sort of wax
  7. pomade can partially be taken out with dish liquid scrubbed into your hair several times
  8. You will smell like a lemon after and it will still look dumb
  9. Do not touch your hair and then touch other things: your clothes, other peoples clothes, ....the cat
  10. Spray blood will not come out on a white t-shirt
  11. Steering wheels are heavier than first thought
  12. Do not shop at halloween stores on halloween 
  13. You only need 10 pounds or less of Dry Ice
  14. Do not lick dry ice as a dare
  15. Force any younger members of the party to leave the party and return with candy from the neighbors
  16. If they say no hit them. No one will notice another bruise when they look like zombies
  17. remember that you both loathe and hate K-Mart and Wal-Mart or anything with Mart in the title
  18. Do not ask Mark what greasers put in their hair because he will tell you gross stories about what KY jelly was later used for......Shudder
The picture is unrelated to this party

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