Wednesday, November 25

Sweet Sweet insectoid death-trap

The Lurker believes there must be a lurkerite in the Baton Rouge area that needs this. 

Free beehive! (LSU area)
Date: 2009-11-02, 2:52PM CST
Reply to: 

Full of supposed "Russian" bees that have escaped from Gardere, or so i have been told. Attempt at removal resulted in numerous bee stings for unprepared beekeeper. I'm sure the hive is brimming with delicious sweet and sticky honey, but i'm not putting my hands in that insectoid death-trap. If you are championing an effort to save the bee population of the world, this is you getting your foot in the door with your very own beehive! If you are still asking yourself why you would need said beehive, here's what you could be doing with your very own beehive: getting stung, eating honey, making candles, playing baseball, going to the hospital, and being a cop. When you arrive to take the beehive, I won't be there. By agreeing to take the beehive you have entered into a contract that states that i am not responsible for the outcome of your actions. Still interested?, we have pictures!

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