Wednesday, November 4

Ruby Spears was Super to the Lurker

As a kid the Lurker loved almost anything the production company Ruby Spears was involved with like Miss Switch or Thundarr. I must say the music is always one of the major highlights for me. I can hear it even today and be whisked back to a perfectly early Saturday morning wrapped in my silver space blanket eating cold blintzes or a bar of cream cheese. I would get so excited about the new season of cartoons in the fall I would highlight and make schedules of what new shows I would watch. Yes I said a bar of cream cheese. One glowing gem of theirs was the Superman Cartoon. It only had 13 episodes but man it was good. From the music to the action and the aww factor of watching baby or young superboy. It was all very good and cool. If you like the early movies then you will really enjoy the way too short series. Here is an interview with the creators. The series has been released to DVD. Check it out.

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