Friday, November 20

I learned it from watching it from you

The Lurker came across this recently and thought he would relate this strange little anecdote. First here is an article talking about peeing in compost heaps. It is both good for your environment and better for the compost and your garden. 
A while back I mentioned that I had been an environmentalist just because I had been peeing in the shower for a long time. Ya going green!! Unfortunately our youngest cat. Oh yes his name is no longer Jiji. It is Sprout because we got him at a farmer's market. Anyway he is in the exploring the whole house phase and using his new abilities to jump higher to see new places. The other day I just got out of the shower and little sprout jumped in. This is not unusual because he likes to lick the moisture off the walls. No I do not do that. Suddenly Mrs. Lurker yelled and she told me that Sprout was saving the environment as well. She said he had learned it from watching me. 
Now we have to block the bathroom in hopes of breaking him from going to green. 

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