Thursday, November 12

The gauntlet has been thrown down

Yesterday the Lurker received an important message from a long time listener first time caller. He said that the Lurker should offer a service where someone tells a specific topic and I research it for a Volume called ask the Lurker. I wanted something catchier but I am operating on low caffeine. Anyway the first challenge has been dropped at the feet of the Lurker and he is currently searching out anything to do with MuffinTops or Midriffs. Yes that is what John wanted. Here at Lurker industries we are thinking John is a bit strange. I like to pretend I am a whole company and command a staff in front of screens with flashing lights.  Yes flashing lights. maybe even the occasional beep. 
BTW that picture is not John.  It is however vaguely similar.
The Lurker is doing the research now. 

So why am I telling all of you this. 
So what do I want from you?  The Lurker wants you to leave a comment of what you think the next challenge should be. Also leave a better name for this. If you don't leave a comment The Lurker will come to your house and eat all your cookies until you tell him. Even the crappy ones

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