Thursday, November 12

Darwin Day Cometh! I think

November 21 2009 is set to be Darwin day and one of Darwin's greatest believers is going to be giving away free, yes free, copies of Origin of a Species a few days earlier on the 19th. Who is this leader of the intelligencia you ask? Well of course the answer can only be Kirk Cameron. He is one the smartest....wait...what...huh...WTF!!!!???? Kirk Fucking Cameron. Hold up here something is wrong. Is the Lurker in some strange alternate universe? No I am not wearing codorouy and as we all now that would be the sign of an alternate universe. Ok so what is going on? Here is a video explaining all this.

Gosh I love how he sits backwards in his chair. Boy I feel relaxed with him. Whew! much better Kirk is of course on the side of the nut job creationists. Ok all is right in the world. This site here is telling people to gobble up as many of these pseudo copies and tear out the crap intro. (check that post out) The Lurker backs this idea and supports everyone reading this nice copy.

There is a bit of confusion here. February 12th is normally Darwin Day but published on Thursday 24 November is the actual day of the published book. The Lurker has no freakin idea why there seem to be so many different dates. Who cares just know that the 19th is the book giveaway. 

Here is another video explaining why faith is retarded. No don't get angry. That's the name of the video. Stop being such a bitch.

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