Monday, November 30

Are you freakin serious?

The Lurker watched that episode of South Park where everyone eats through their ass and coughs up shit through their mouth. If you haven't seen it you are missing out. Ok the premise of that show is strange I will admit but after all it is a cartoon. The I was surfing around and came across this wonderful tidbit from Urban Dictionary. The word is Slimming. What does it mean you ask? Here is the exact definition:
"Slimming" is the vaginal or anal insertion of a liquor (usually vodka) soaked tampon for the purpose of rapid intoxication.
Usually an attempt by a teenager to avoid detection of alcohol on their breath.

Who in the hell thought this up? Now I know what you are saying it isn't real but still someone out there had to think of it. 
Well now that you have read that definition you are just going to have to live with yourself and the thought that someone somewhere is shoving alcohol in their ass to avoid detection. 
If this is you it may be time to reevaluate the whole life thing. 

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