Thursday, November 5

and so it begins....

Have you watched all of the Planet of the Apes movies? I mean all five not the two early ones they always play on TV. The reason that the apes took over was started because of a sickness of our pets. The quick breakdown is this. Dogs and cats get sick and die in record numbers. To placate our need for pets of the furried kind we enlist apes. Over time we train them in simple tasks. Then the revolution comes and we as a people go down the drain. So why am I rattling on you say? Well the first case of a cat getting Swine flu has been recorded. Which brings me to the beginning of this. When they all die out will you be getting an ape? The Lurker will stand up against the oncoming simian armada by not getting one. I will be getting a hairless bear instead. I am sure they won't eventually attack us. Plus they are so damn cute to boot.

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