Friday, October 16

The Lurker loves Twitter

Twitter is promoting new wonderful C-Lister stars like Sarah Palin (comedy gold) and it is bringing back old favorites like Scott Baio. Here is a wonderful exchange with the former happy days extra. He is as the blog puts it, a Douche. 

This unfortunately has led the Lurker down a strange path. I use Twitter in a very small way to keep track of my friends but I wondered who else is twittering. Who are the C list celebrities you are following? Here are a few I found.
  •  MC Hammer (he is too legit to quit twitter)
  • DJ Tanner from Full House
  • Screech from Saved by the Bell
  • Eddie Winslow from Family Matters
  • Warwick freakin Davis now thats awesome
  • Punky Brewster
  • Alyssa Milano. The Lurker loves her brand of cookies. Damn now I want mint milanos

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