Wednesday, September 2

Otter nonsense

So the other day the Lurker was hanging out with Mrs. Lurker and a friend and I stopped listening to the conversation going on around me and I thought of an NPR segment about environmental archeology. They talked some about how man had killed all the otters in a region. I am not sure why this stuck in my brain but anyway The Lurker started to wonder what a gay otter might look and sound like. So I brought it up and I kept adding things to him like a little vest and styled hair so it looked like he just rolled out of the river that morning. Anyway later I looked up on the Googles Gay Otter. Really in retrospect I should have been thinking something like this would happen but I was just thinking I might find a funny pic for the site. Instead I came across articles about what a gay otter is. I knew bear was the word for large hairy gay man. I got that and understood that sort of thing but it turns out a gay otter is a slender version of the bear. I am not going to look this up but are there flash cards of gay slang and code? no seriously. There has to be. To be gay must be a lot of studying. Are there metrosexual otters? 
I guess that is all the Lurker has to say about gay otters but..well..yep...who knew?

For more information go to your local library and ask at reference

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