Thursday, September 3

The Lurker was wrong...sort of

OK so Glenn Beck did not die yesterday or the day before but he died years ago. It turns out what millions of people have been watching is a rotting corpse. To put it plainly Glenn Beck is a Zombie. He has all the basic traits of a zombie. He is slow witted, speaks and mumbles nonsense. Also zombies are known to be bad spellers and he has proven his skill on that subject quite well. The biggie here is that he is after brains. Seriously The lurker has watched Fox News and it makes no sense until you understand the one good thing it is for. The softening of human brains. Yes that is right I am arguing that Fox news' only purpose is to soften the brain up for easy ingestion. So there you have it people beware of Glenn Beck and his true ambitions. He wants to eat your brains.  

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