Friday, September 18

A friday special

One video to get you angry and the other to bring a sweet smile to your face.

The first is the outright ignorance and horrendous stupidity of the Teabaggers. There are some funny moments but once you make it through those you are left with a rather sad feeling in the pit of your stomach that so many people believe things that people like Glenn Beck say. 

Thankfully here is a video that is bubbling with happiness. The Lurker loves a store owner like this who is passionate and entertained by his own product. I am sure if he ever stops enjoying it he will close the store that second. He owns the Soda Pop Shop in LA. It seems like a magical place. So Colin and Erin next time you come to visit let me know early so I can make a list for you to bring. I guess I could go online but where is the fun in that? Do you remember when a friend would come from some other area and bring some long forgotten foodstuff in their luggage? Oh pre internet sometimes you were more fun. And now lurkerites I think we should all sing together the song Memories.
Ok maybe not...

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