Wednesday, August 19

No Stories

Its the end of summer and you have the blues. You need a pick me up, something with a bit of oomph. Well the Lurker always finds music is the best answer. Thankfully Ludlow Lions has just what you need. Pop on over to ludlowlionstheband and have a listen to their new album. Now before you say to me but I spent all my money on hookers and booze (in Disneyworld) don't worry the whole album is donationware meaning download it, listen to it and if you like it, send them a donation. I really like this system because you know the money is going to the band and not too a label that could care less. Also if you cannot donate then spread the music around and have a friend take a listen. The title track is really good. You can play it without downloading right on their site.
So grab a summery drink, play the album and kiss summer good freakin bye

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