Thursday, August 20

I hate you...thank you

As the Lurker drove to work he was stuck behind a big ass red truck with the ever so clever truck balls. I despise you people. In fact if you have them on your vehicle I do not want you to read this blog anymore. I should thank you though. You have given me a completely easy way to identify who I never need to talk too.  Seriously I can make certain assumptions about you. I believe you are a dick. It used to be that if you bought a giant truck (not for work) it would be said you have a small package and you were making up for it. Now you have made that abundantly obvious by putting balls on your truck. These are the same people that are conservative and would go protest movies and use words like fag and....UGH!.....Ok the Lurker is a bit off track but seriously you are being a dick for putting those on there. 

From this point on I plan to carry wire cutters on me. I will glue all the now eunuch truck balls to my hood. No not my manhood. maybe this needs more thinking...the Lurker will return with more info.

Maybe glue them to their windshields.....

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  1. I got a set over at, I got the monster nuts and now pics of my rig are on the net.. someone took a pic and posted it. yournuts is the BEST

    Just stay away from any site run by John Saller or John R Beaman , the first is a convicted felon and the other is under a restraining order for harrasment. They stole personal info and had their credit account closed. Always search the criminal history of businesses so you dont get ripped off. One site they use is I wouldnt even go there because of the fraudulent privacy policy