Thursday, August 20

Hey MST3000 fans

Tonight the Lurker is heading to Rifftrax and you could too. What is it? Essentially the guys that did Mystery Science Theater 3000 are going to be live doing there usual act for the movie Plan 9 from Outer Space. An absolutely terrible movie so it should be great! They are then beaming a feed to all sorts of local theaters across the US. We are heading to the Swansea Mass one. Check this site if you are interested in doing something cool and getting the hell out of the heat.
I believe the vast network of Lurkerites should unite for this special occasion. By vast I mean 4 people. Anyway please leave a comment if you are thinking of going.

Additional: you can watch a bunch of the sample videos on the site for a bunch of movies like Empires strikes Back

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  1. just gotta say that this would have been worth an actual email, because I would have been there in a second.