Thursday, July 2

Wendy's new Buffalo Chicken

The Lurker and crew went to Wendy's after a fantastic last day of big trashin (see other posts). There the Lurker saw a poster for the new Buffalo Chicken and was intrigued. They always look so good on the advert. I knew it would be crap but I had no idea how bad they would turn out. They were like cold slugs in a blood sauce. Some of us took a bit and spit it back up. While we were there we discovered someone else who had eaten it as well. The Nephew of the Lurker (we are looking for a name for him, maybe skulker) headed to the bathroom and found this. Thank goodness for camera phones.

Also the Skulker called Wendy's and had them refund us our money for their failed experiment. See trying new things is not so bad. OK that one guy had a bad experience but how often does that happen.

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  1. Thanks Lurker...I really needed to see that lovely photo...