Sunday, July 12

Well done

As a young Lurker we would look for something to do in our small hamlet that was free and entertaining. We hit on something we called the barrel boys. We would fill a car or van with construction barrels. You know the ones that light up at night and then we would place them in such a way that it would look like a detour through our neighborhood. Once it was all placed we would wait for a car to go into the labyrinth and then put another few construction barrels behind them. This would effectively trap them in a loop. Finally we would watch the show. Essentially it would work out this way a car goes in thinking there is a simple detour and instead they end up driving in circles. Fairly dumb but the height of funny at 17 and bored. We would never call it art. However this NC State student's stunt The Lurker would call a sculpture. He grabbed a bunch of the barrels and made a giant monster. Check the link and the pic. It is just perfect.

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