Friday, July 10

Really good

OK so I am working on some new worksheets for classes aand I decided to throw on a movie while I was working. I put on the movie Back To School. I remeber liking it a lot. It still is very good. Dangerfield is still just the best. He gets to use all his best one liners and so many of the other actors are perfect in it. People like Sam Kinison have great parts written for them. Also Robert Downey Junior and Danny Elfman are both in it. Of course the cherry on top is that it has the classic bad teen from Karate Kid. His name is William Zabka. He is that pretty blonde guy that you just love to hate against Ralph Macchio in all the Karate Kid movies.
Seriously how would you like to be that guy? He is the dick in most of the movies that he plays in. Still he does a nice job.
The limo driver just crushed a napkin holder with his hand. Is that really difficult?
One last thing the montages in the movie will not be outdone. The Lurker keeps the Back to School montage on his iPod for real working.

additon: The scene with Robert Downey Jr. heckeling the divers is wonderful.

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